Systematic Biology

Experimental design in caecilian systematics: phylogenetic information of mitochondrial genomes and nuclear rag1

In molecular phylogenetic studies, a major aspect of experimental design concerns the choice of markers and taxa. Although previous studies have investigated the phylogenetic performance of different genes and the effectiveness of increasing taxon …

Majority-rule supertrees

Most supertree methods proposed to date are essentially ad hoc, rather than designed with particular properties in mind. Although the supertree problem remains difficult, one promising avenue is to develop from better understood consensus methods to …

Properties of supertree methods in the consensus setting

Discriminating supported and unsupported relationships in supertrees using triplets

Measuring support and finding unsupported relationships in supertrees

The shape of supertrees to come: tree shape related properties of fourteen supertree methods

Using a simple example and simulations, we explore the impact of input tree shape upon a broad range of supertree methods. We find that input tree shape can affect how conflict is resolved by several supertree methods and that input tree shape …