Majority-rule supertrees


Most supertree methods proposed to date are essentially ad hoc, rather than designed with particular properties in mind. Although the supertree problem remains difficult, one promising avenue is to develop from better understood consensus methods to the more general supertree setting. Here, we generalize the widely used majority-rule consensus method to the supertree setting. The majority-rule consensus tree is the strict consensus of the median trees under the symmetric-difference metric, so we can generalize the consensus method by generalizing this metric to trees with differing leaf sets. There are two different natural generalizations, based on pruning or grafting leaves to produce comparable trees, and these two generalizations produce two different, but related, majority-rule supertree methods.

In Systematic Biology 56:445–452
James Cotton
James Cotton

My research interests are in the genomics, and particularly population genomics of parasites, particularly those that cause neglected tropical diseases